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Locuri de munca in departamentul Naval

Locuri de munca : 208 joburi  

- Posesor schifferdienstbuch sau carnet de serviciu cu viza de Regensburg si una din urmatoarele calificari pe Rin: matrose, steuermann; (calificarea pe Rin este OBLIGATORIE, intrucat toate navele noastre naviga si in aceasta zona) - Experienta (de preferat pe nave cu pavilion strain); Activitatea se va desfasura pe navele armatorilor, ce au ca zona de navigatie: Belgia, Olanda, Franta, Germania. Sunt necesare cunostinte specifice activitatii de marinar: vopsit, intretinere nava, manevre ecluzare, manevre legare etc.Beneficii: MARITIME SOLUTIONS S.R.L. este o agentie de crewing infiintata in 2008, autorizata de ANR, ce recruteaza marinari fluviali pentru a-si desfasura activitatea in tari ca Belgia, Olanda, Franta, Germania, etc.

Adaugat: 20 noiembrie, Nr. joburi: 20, Oras:  BELGIA, FRANTA, GERMANIA, OLANDA, STRAINATATE Expira la: 2014-12-29
anunt personalizat Nedcon Maritime

• Operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to produce metal parts.• Review electronic or written blueprints or specifications for a job.• Calculate where to cut or bore.• Shape steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, silicon and other materials.• Determine how fast or slow workpiece is fed into machine.• Determine how much material to remove.• Select tools and materials for the job.• Plan the sequence of cutting and finishing operations.• Mark the workpiece to show where cuts should be made.• Position workpiece on the drill press, lathe, or milling machine.• Monitor and control feed rate and speed.• Ensure workpiece is properly lubricated and/or cooled.• Regulate temperature of workpiece.• Detect problems by listening for specific sounds.• Adjust cutting speed to compensate for harmonic vibrations.• Monitor the accuracy of cuts.• Replace dull cutting tools.• Check accuracy of work against blueprints and specifications.• Produce large quantities of parts.• Determine how automated equipment will cut a part.• Determine cutting path.• Concert path, speed, and feed information into set of instructions for machine tool.• Use manual and computer-controlled machinery.• Write basic programs.• Modify programs in response to problems. Nedcon Maritime is the largest, independent Romanian Manpower Supply Company involved in the recruitment of Romanian Seafarers, Riding Teams, Shipyard Personnel, Oil & Gas Professionals, Hospitality Personnel and Industrial Specialists. We are proud to have provided our services to many worldwide clients, becoming the solution in demand by ship managers and ship owners, Oil & Gas companies, shipyard owners and industrial operators who are in search of a knowledgeable and professional business partner.

Adaugat: 17 noiembrie, Nr. joburi: 3, Oras:  Toate orasele Expira la: 2014-12-04
BSA Consultants

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Adaugat: 17 noiembrie, Nr. joburi: 1, Oras:  Abrud Expira la: 2014-12-05
Adaugat: 10 noiembrie, Nr. joburi: 2, Oras:  Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara Expira la: 2014-12-11
Expira astazi , Nr. joburi: 1, Oras:  Cernavoda, Constanta, Galati, Mangalia Expira la: 2014-11-22